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The Vancouver Orpheus Male Choir is part of Vancouver, Canada's thriving community choir scene. Formed in 1992 for men of all ages who enjoy singing, the choir focuses on popular songs from many times and lands, including broadway showtunes, spirituals, sea shanties, and rousing male voice classics.

Enjoy a performance of choral power and passion that only a male choir can deliver!

The choir is the proud sponsor of a mentoring program for aspiring young male singers.

Watch for our new website and the ability to order tickets online. Under development!

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Although there are no more concerts for this season, the choir is still rehearsing. There is a special concert on the 28th of August featuring the Chor Meibion Colwyn from Wales. We sang with them on our tour to Wales last September. It promises to be a wonderful concert. Stay tuned for more information.

Our latest CD "Choral Kaleidoscope" has just been released and is available for purchase. A wide variety of songs gives you some idea of the versatility of our choir.

Our previous CD "Coming Home" is still available. You can listen to samples of the songs here. Ordering information is available just below the song listings.


Orpheus Tour to Wales - 2015

After years of planning, in September of 2015, 33 singers, Liana, Barry and some of our wives piled into a bus and went on a seven concert tour of Wales. We were well received at every venue and in spite of almost everyone getting ill, we had a great time. Hearing our host choirs reminded us why Wales is considered the land of song.

Here is a link to our blog which we kept updated during the tour. (Use your browser's back button to return to our website.)



"So so excellent! Thoroughly enjoyable, excellent conducting and accompanying. The joy they also feel conveys itself to the hearts of the audience."

"..not enjoyed myself as much at a concert for many years "

"I was not prepared to feel the emotions each and every song stirred up."

"It moved me to tears they sang so beautifully"

"This concert was a real treat - what marvelous entertainment! Many thanks!"

In early May of 2011 we toured in Ontario culminating in a performance in Brantford Ontario with seven other male choirs. Each choir got to sing two or three pieces before all 230 men sang six numbers together.

We sang two pieces. You can see both of them on YouTube: Prayer of the Children and I Get Around. Our second song "brought the house down" and rewarded us with a standing ovation. (Use your browser's back button to return to this page afterwards.)

Prayer of the Children is also on our fourth CD, "Coming Home".



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Liana Savard Barry Yamanouchi
Artistic Director Accompanist
 Liana Savard   Barry Yamanouchi 

Tenor I Tenor II
Tenor I Tenor II
Baritone Bass
Baritone Bass



If you've noticed how much fun we have in performance, and if you enjoy singing, why not try us out? We encourage any interested men to join us at practice any time - an audition won't take place until you've sung with us for awhile.

Rehearsals are held Tuesday evenings from 7:15 to 9:30 in Room 201 of John Oliver Secondary School in Vancouver, and our season runs from September through early June.

For questions and further information, please email or call Membership Coordinator Ron Davis at 604-541-1118. And if you'd like to sit in on a practice, be sure to let him know in advance so that he'll have music there for you.




CD Cover"Choral Kaleidoscope"

CD Cover

The Orpheus Choir's fifth CD, "Choral Kaleidoscope", features seventeen songs chosen to showcase the versatility of the choir.

 1. Watching the Apples Grow
 2. My Gallant Crew, Good Morning
 3. We Sail the Ocean Blue
 4. The Minstrel Boy
 5. Skye Boat Song
 6. Go Down Moses
 7. For the Fallen
 8. Blow Ye the Trumpet
 9. Pie Jesu
10. We Rise Again
11. Masters in this Hall
12. Joseph's Song
13 Gentle Mary Laid Her Child
14. A La Nanita Nana
15. The Sleigh (a la Russe)
16. Peace, Peace / Silent Night
17. Good Night, Sweetheart

Price $20 plus $3 shipping for mail orders.
To order, please email Ron Davis or call him at (604) 541-1118.


CD Cover"Coming Home"

CD Cover

The Orpheus Choir's Fourth CD, "Coming Home", features sixteen songs from the recent concert repertoire.
Click on the number next to the song title to play a free sample.

   1.  Let There be Music
   2.  Four Strong Winds
   3.  Prayer of the Children
   4.  Klee Wyck
   5.  Royal Hudson
   6.  Away From The Roll Of The Sea
   7.  Wood River
   8.  Shenandoah
   9.  Bridge Over Troubled Water
  10.  O Mistress Mine
  11.  All the Diamonds  
  12.  Old Lady Rose
  13.  Goin' Home
  14.  With a Voice of Singing
  15.  Gwahoddiad
  16.  Dear Land of Home

Background notes for these songs may be found here.

Price $10 plus $3 shipping for mail orders.
To order, please email Ron Davis or call him at (604) 541-1118.


CD Cover"Secret Chords" - our journey continues ...Sorry - SOLD OUT

CD Cover

The Orpheus Choir's third CD, "Secret Chords", features thirteen songs from the recent concert repertoire.
Click on the songs with the MP3 symbol to download a free sample.  A free MP3 player can be downloaded from here.

Title Soloist
MP3   1. I'se the B'y and Bonaviste Harbour  
  2. Workin' on the Railroad
  3. Where The Coho Flash Silver
  4. The Black Fly Song
  5. If I have my Ticket
MP3   6. Danny Boy
MP3   7. Hallelujah
  8. Oseh Shalom
  9. Song For Peace Nigel Watkinson
10. Battle Hymn of the Republic
11. Kalinka Al Smith
12. You Raise Me Up Maurice Fitzgerald
13. What would I do without my music?


CD cover"Speed Your Journey" Sorry - SOLD OUT

  CD inside cover

The Orpheus Choir's second CD, "Speed Your Journey", features seventeen of the choir's most popular songs.
Click on the songs with the MP3 symbol to download a free sample.  A free MP3 player can be downloaded from here.

Title Soloist(s)
  1. Sixteen Tons
  2. The Rose
MP3   3. Fare Thee Well, Love Terry Probert
  4. Cavalry of the Steppes
  5. Softly As I leave You Alison Nixon
  6. Morte Criste Terry Probert
  7. Steal Away
MP3   8. What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor
  9. This Is The Army / Terry Probert
Kiss Me Goodnight Nigel Watkinson and John Pearce
10. With A Little Bit Of Luck Alison Nixon
11. What A Wonderful World
MP3 12. Working Man Terry Probert
13. Vive L'Amour Allan Hunter
14. Men Of Harlech
15. Bring Him Home Paul Guiton
16. Speed Your Journey
17. Pilgrim's Chorus organist: Darryl Nixon


CD cover"For the Joy of Singing"

The Orpheus Choir's first CD, "For the Joy of Singing", has been sold out and is no longer available. Sorry.



Mentoring program



The Choir performs concerts and charitable events throughout BC but mainly in the Vancouver and surrounding area. The full operating expenses of the choir are not covered by concert fees or members dues. The Choir welcomes donations and Business and Corporate sponsorship. All donations are tax deductible as the choir is a registered Federal Charity and BC Society. Major donors and Business and Corporate sponsors will be acknowledged in the concert programs. Please contact Rob Forbes at (604) 732-8129 for information.



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